Calling All Deep Divers…

Dear Woman,

I am hearing you. You have been immersing yourself in Sexual Awakening for Women. It has been a profound journey so far. You know there is more  – and you are hungry for it.

You have a heart bursting with love. You are burning to turn everything you taste, touch, see and feel into love. You want to wake up to your true nature as SHE, the feminine principle and to let every cell of your body vibrate with this truth.

What has been waking up in your heart now wants to fly higher – into realms beyond your personal will, into levels of perception finer than your wildest imaginings. You are ready to let energy ascend through you all the way into the embodied knowing that you are ecstatically one with all of life. You say yes to this union – even if that discovery shatters your known world like sunlight dispersing clouds.

You want to dive deeper – deeper into this beautiful body of yours, this alive, sexual, womanly being that you are discovering yourself to be. You want to descend into the fleshy earth of your sexuality and climb right down into the fecund belly of Mama Gaia. Your are discovering that your body is her body, and that as you feel what arises in you, you get to feel everything the planet is feeling – from immense ecstasy to excruciating pain. Through your feeling, you bring healing.

It has been my honor and pleasure to guide you thus far.

And now, I offer an exclusive opportunity for those of you who have been doing the work to go further with me, to dive deeper and fly higher in the teaching. This opportunity is for you if:

  • You want to continue this journey with my guidance and the support of the sisterhood of women who have been growing alongside you.
  • You have been encountering the shadow states in your sexuality that have not been loved and that have been hidden from your consciousness. Now you are present enough in your body and in your heart to go to these places in your own underworld that you have been avoiding before.
  • You are ready to reach with more abandon, so that life force now opens up more fully into the higher chakras – even beyond the heart.
  • You want to take your love for yourself – and for your beloveds – to its highest possibilities.

If this is your desire – then you are invited to join the Diving Deep, Flying High Women’s Inner Circle under my guidance.


The Diving Deep, Flying High Women’s Inner Circle is a forum for ongoing learning with me. It creates the space for:

  • advanced teachings that come through me to be shared, explored and practiced with you in an ongoing way
  • my sharing of resources (people, texts, media and practices) that require an existing grounding in the Sexual Awakening for Women’s work
  • a higher level of evolution, learning, support and refinement to happen in circle of women that is ready and committed to dive deeper and fly higher. 

This program is exclusively for women who have been immersing themselves in the Sexual Awakening for Women work with me. Upon applying you will be asked to explain what work you have done with me.

 The exclusivity of this circle facilitates the following:

  • It enables you to go to the next level of teaching with a group of women who are ready and available to take the jump.
  • It creates a container for a much deepened sisterhood to establish itself and together do the work of growing what is possible now.
  • It is a space of learning and growth for women who want to serve humanity as facilitators of truth and love.
  • It creates a space for more direct and intimate contact with me.

Being a Facilitator

I am motivated to create this Inner Circle by the desire to support you in being a facilitator of this work.

Being a Facilitator means:

  • Living your life with awareness
  • Not playing small – allowing the radiance of your true nature to touch others, and to change the world
  • Saying yes to the profound and ongoing transformation of what previously you may have thought of as “your” life and
  • Discovering that your way of being intimately changes life as we know it on the planet, and vice versa

Do You Qualify?

Examples of immersion that will qualify you for membership are:

  • proof of active participation in and completion of my online women’s programs  (Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence or Sexual Awakening for Women)
  • participation in a 5-day or longer women’s retreat with me
  • participation in a weekend women’s retreat with me plus additional immersion
  • significant engagement in a women’s group working with my book Sexual Awakening for Women

For those who feel strongly drawn to be a member of the Inner Circle program but do not currently qualify, there is the option of completing the 7-module Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence Course and then entering the program. This course is downloadable course providing you all the teaching recordings and practices to work through at your own pace of the course of 7 modules (designed to work through over a 7 week period) Click here to find out more!

When Can I join?

There is an initial joining fee which gives you access to exclusive resources (see below) to prepare you for our work together. From the date you join, you pay a monthly membership fee. When you sign up, you commit to being a member of the Program for at least 3 months, after which your membership is renewed on a monthly basis. The intention is to build up a core group of committed women who grow with me and discover together – women who want to make a difference in the world and wake up to their true nature.

Entering the Inner Circle

When you sign up for the Inner Circle Program, I will provide you with what you need to on-board and get ready to participate:

  1.     Seven (7) 10-minute videos in which I:
    • introduce the main dimensions of the Inner Circle
    • guide you to get your intention clear in participating and
    • demonstrate a few simple, powerful practices to prepare you.
  2.      An exclusive 20-minute 1-on-1 Skype session with me for the purpose of   direct connection between us.
  3.     My book Sexual Awakening for Women in PDF (e-book) format.

Your one-time registration fee includes all these on-boarding materials as well as full membership fees for the first month.


ICON-Video2TWO Monthly LIVE 1-hour Audio/Video Session with Shakti Malan, Ph.D.

  • I will be teaching each of the sessions, exploring the themes outlined below. Through these live interactive sessions you’ll come to discover the practices and tools that will help you dive deeper and fly higher into your sexuality and open to the radiant divine Feminine that you are. I will set time aside at the end of each session to specifically answer questions that are most relevant to this learning forum and to provide coaching in a live group format.
  • One of the two monthly sessions will be focused on deepening your capacity as a facilitator of what you are learning. See above for my outline of what a facilitator is.
  • The live course sessions will be every second and last Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am Pacific Time / 5:00 pm London Time. The recording of each session will be made available within 24 hours so don’t worry if you miss a live session*.

*Note: Each session will be recorded and you’ll be able to have unlimited access to recordings of all of the sessions following the live broadcast (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).

ICON-Video2Monthly Exclusive Short Videos

Every month, I will post at least one short 5-10 minute video in which I guide you into advanced practices. These video clips give simple, clear guidelines and also carry a transmission of the energy of the Feminine that flows through women’s bodies.

Monthly Written ArticlesICON-PDF

Every month, I will post one or more article on the topics that are addressed during the month’s teaching sessions.

FACEBOOK-ICONAccess to our Exclusive Online Community Facebook Page

Engage online with other program participants in this private, supportive Diving Deep, Flying High Women’s Inner Circle Facebook Page.

As you go through the program, you will be able to gather and connect with other participants online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will increasingly experience the power that comes through doing transformative work in community.

ICON-HeadphonesExclusive Course Audio Bonus Workshops and Materials – Interviews with other teachers/luminaries

I will regularly interview unique and powerful women and men who are the keepers of high-level teachings this group is ready to receive.

ICON-ChatAccess to Private Sessions with me

Members of the Women’s Forum will get preference in booking private sessions with me when I am available.


This program is for those brave-hearted women who want to dive deeper into the essence of what sexuality is and fly higher in discovering and embodying the awakened feminine. It is a space which enables me to teach the more advanced understandings of the feminine which are opening in me. Themes we will be focusing on are:

DeepSexuality-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan1. Deep sexuality, earth sexuality

Women’s sexuality is fundamentally ecological. Our bodies are one with the body with the earth. When we drop deep enough, we feel her ecstasy rising through us. We feel the whisper of every leaf communicating its intelligence through our cells. We feel also the immense pain of this planet, and we lean to receive it with magnificent, impersonal grace. Our love comes to change this world. We come to true embodiment as SHE who creates all things and rejecting nothing.

Shadow-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan2. Mastering sexual shadow

The unconscious dimensions of our sexuality and relationship life are asking to be met by us in full awareness and love. When we develop this mastery, enormous amounts of energy return to our beings. In this theme, I will be guiding you deeper into:

  • How to work with sexual fantasy and eroticism
  • How to release sexual trauma
  • How to lay down sexual body armoring and come to feel more
  • How to move into and through the instinctual, reptilian states in our sexuality

HigherWill-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan3. Sexuality from higher will

In my book Sexual Awakening for Women, I guide women through the awakening of sexual energy from the first to fourth chakra. In the Inner Circle, we go higher. When sexual energy awakens in the throat chakra, we come to surrender our personal will to divine will.  We move beyond the vehicle of the personal self and start to know ourselves as one with the divine. This quality can take over our sexuality and manifests itself as a higher level authority and power. Our expression and creativity also goes to the next level.

Supra-Sensory-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan4. Supra-sensory sexuality

When sexual energy rises up into the sixth chakra, our senses get transformed so that we are able to hear, see, feel, taste and know from a higher dimension of our being. The pituitary and pineal glands start to communicate with each other and a profound inner alchemy starts to happen. Also, in the center of the head, we discover access to deep space. We learn how to let go our attachment to creation and become one with that which is prior to creation. Immense freedom comes to our beings as the transmission of the beyond downloads into our bodies.

Fountain-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan5. The Fountain of Ecstasy

The crown chakra is the last gate in the physical body. When this center opens and kundalini moves through there, it becomes a fountain of ecstatic oneness with all of life. We know ourselves as intimately one with all of creation. This knowing pervades our cells, our sensory system, and our nervous system. We learnt to utterly surrender our attachment to being ‘somebody’ and become profoundly one with everything.

HigherLove-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan6. Higher level love and relationship

It is possible to live sexual partnership as a path of awakening. A shared commitment to truth and love enables partners to support each other in seeing and integrating shadow material. Through the deepening of the love between them, they catapult each other into radical evolution of their human lives. Even if you are not in a relationship, learning about and opening to this way of being together can open you to higher levels. Ultimately, true relationship is a union within.

Facilitators-InnerCircle-ShaktiMalan 7. Facilitator’s Training

Receive ongoing support from me and from each other in honing your skills as a facilitator of SHE awakening in the world. Wherever you are giving yourself in service of life, you are facilitating. And also, more specifically, when you are hosting a women’s group. The Facilitator’s Training calls create a space to

  • Receive in-depth and advanced teaching from me in the skill of facilitation
  • Develop a richer understanding of group dynamics
  • Get guidance of utilizing challenging situations in group process
  • Support each other in evolving your practice as facilitators.

Cost of the program

One-time registration fee: $250

This fee gives you access to all the on-boarding materials listed under Entering the Inner Circle higher up on this page.

Monthly fee*: $97

*note that your first monthly fee will only be deducted a month after registration. Your once-off registration fee includes your first month’s membership fee.


Not qualifying yet?

Join the Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence CourseBANNER-AFSE-2015-ShaktiMalan