An audio and video series to provide you step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Lovemaking from the privacy of your bedroom

There comes a time in your life when you realize that nothing – nothing you could ever achieve or possess – is as valuable as the quality of your Love.


clive hayley laughingBecause you are such a lover of Love itself, I have created this Tantric Partner Meditation series for you. Tantra is the practice of cultivating divine union, in the beyond as well as in our lives and in our lovemaking.  All ten the Meditations I offer here are from from a classic Tantric text called the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra   – and I offer them to you in an entirely modern idiom. Tantric Partner Meditations create an immensely powerful space to transform your lovemaking into a meeting of Love and Presence – which in turn can open the doors to untold levels of wildness, sexiness and play in your union.

What You’ll Receive

Ten audio recording sets

ICON-Headphonesjosh colourThe audio recordings introduce you to the meditation and guide you through each stage of the practice. All audios are guided by Shakti with soft music in the background to facilitate the deepening of your experience.

E-Book Manual

ICON-PDFtossie embrace closeupThe e-book manual gives you:

  • the original and translated verses of the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra  that the meditation is based on
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and
  • Illustrations to support your ease in understanding the instructions.

Ten full length videos

ICON-Video2clive hayley colourIn each video, Shakti introduces the key elements of each of the ten meditations and is demonstrated respectfully by couples. 

Access to exclusive website

ICON-www zo albert 2You will receive exclusive access to our course website where you will find all the downloads.

How does it work?

hayleyIt couldn’t be easier: You simply play the audio or watch the video, and follow my voice as Shakti guides you through the partner meditations. They are structured to gradually take you deeper and deeper into true deliciousness. The e-book gives you all the additional support you need so you know exactly what you’re doing. Well… more precisely, what you’re undoing, and what certainties you are letting go of to open to the wild untamed landscape of your true nature in union with your beloved.

About Shakti Malan

Shakti Malan teaches and facilitates conscious sexuality to men and women across the world. She has a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the body and sexuality. Shakti was born in South Africa, and has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives. For the last decade, Shakti has been guiding and supporting individuals and groups across the planet to awaken consciousness in our sexuality and in our bodies, to release sexual trauma and body armouring, to bring more awareness to the relationship between the inner and outer masculine and to awaken the deep feminine in women’s sexuality. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women is available in English, French and Polish. Teaching the Tantric Partner Meditations has been a highlight for her – and thus the delight in being able to make them freely available in this rigorous but accessible format.


From a couple who have immersed themselves in these meditations:

“As our bodies touch, and we begin breathing together, the slowness and the relaxation move me into a beautiful space of openness, where I feel the subtlety of sensations I wouldn’t have noticed earlier, and become present and quietly aware… in love with the moment, in love with my husband, in love with myself.  I give thanks for the gift of this love, this stillness, this bliss.”

Kerry, partner of Dion and mother of two.

“As I move into the slowness and stillness of our togetherness, I feel the oneness growing within, building in intensity, the present moment being the only moment. I feel everything, yet am aware of nothing but overwhelming love. The intensity of my breath merges with the intensity of the energy building within. My mind, body and soul become one, within me, with my beloved and with the world around me.”

Dion, partner of Kerry, engineer.

Free Download!

ICON-BonusTo give you a taste of the meditations, Shakti offers you a download of one of the meditations – for free! In this meditation, Shakti guides you to fall deeply in love with yourself, through your breath, and then through a simple shifting of attention, to bring this love to your partner through your heart, eyes and hands.


Special price for the entire series:

  • Ten Audio Recordings Sets
  • Ten Short Videos
  • E-Book Manual
  • Exclusive Website


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