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Stuart Sovatsky

Session 1: The shared-gender mystery of true erotic liberation

Anaiya Sophia

Session 2: Sacred Union: Path of Courageous Relationship

Katie Hendricks

Session 3: Sex, love & intimacy can just keep getting better & better

Isaac & Meike

Session 4: Exploring relating in the recognition of our non-dual nature

Dan Brulé

Session 5: How the breath awakens sacred relationship

Sharon & Bruce Lyon

Session 6: How we relate as person, as soul & as spirit

Patricia Albere

Session 7: Mutual awakening: the transformative power of relating

Aisha Salem


Azra & Seren Bertrand

Session 9: Evolutionary Allurement: re-mything the love story of the world

Shakti Malan

Session 10: Starting a love affair with your inner soulmate


Yoga, Psyche and the Soulmate Within


Mariana Caplan

Author, psychotherapist, yoga teacher

Mariana Caplan, author of the award-winning Eyes Wide Open, and founder of the Yoga and Psyche Method © talks about the love affair between Yoga and Psyche, and how she integrated the insights of somatic psychology, trauma research and yogic practices. We talk also about the connection between spirituality and psychology, and how self love, other love and world love are all connected. Mariana gives her perspective on why on the mystical path, especially for Western seekers, psychology is so important.

Healing Trauma and Becoming Who We Truly Are through Relationships


Michael Brabant

Facilitator of Divine Humanity

Michael Brabant, Psychologist and Facilitator of Divine Humanity, gives a reframing how trauma is defined, how it shows up in your body and relationships, how to heal core wounds and how that happens in, through and in support of clear relationships and becoming who we truly are.

The problem with Masculine and Feminine


Mike Lousada

Pioneer of Psychosexual Somatics ® Therapy

Mike Lousada, pioneer of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, challenges the usefulness of the terms  masculinity and femininity and suggests that they may be just perpetuating old stereotypes. Instead, he says, we could appreciate qualities, and the attraction between polarities in qualities. Mike shares what he regards as the 7 most important things that allow for great sex and intimate relationships.

Shiva-Shakti in Leadership


Nilima Bhat

Coauthor, Shakti Leadership

Nilima Bhat,  co-author of Shakti Leadership,  is the Director of Roots & Wings, a Leadership Consultancy and founder of Sampurnah, The Wholeness Practice. She facilitates personal transformation, gender reconciliation and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this interview, she discusses why finding and working with the soulmate within is critical for a leader in these times. She explains that the person you are is the leader you are. In this interview, she explains how the masculine and feminine can be balanced in leadership: a whole person is a whole leader, capable of being soft and strong, caring and clear.


Unite with the Inner Beloved Through the Power of Breath


Ishwari Jay

Yogini, Lightworker, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Ishwari Jay is a successful entrepreneur,  the author of The Power of Breath, and co-author of the national bestselling book, Initiative. She is the creator of the Amazon’s best-selling yoga DVD, Heart Flow Yoga. In this interview, Ishwari speaks to our shared human longing for more consistent love & happiness in our life. She speaks of a time where we may have sought for it outside ourselves for long enough, where we start to inquire: “Is there something more to life than this visible manifestation?” This is the beginning of a powerful journey moving towards uniting with the inner beloved that is the source of love, peace and happiness and the gateway to freedom.

To support us with this inner journey we have a powerful tool: The breath.

In this interview, Let Ishwari take you, on the wings of the breath, into a journey back to the one you’ve been looking for, in the center of your own heart and fall in love with your own Shiva/Shakti- Feminine/Masculine inner archetype.  

Living in Flow


Donna McCallum aka The Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother

Donna McCallum (aka The Fairy Godmother) has taught over 15,000 people in South Africa, Europe and the US how to get clear on their dreams and goals, reach their fullest potential and create lives that they love.The Flow Experience is the next level of her work to help people tap into the natural ease, joy and abundance of the Flow State, and to create a shift of consciousness on this planet.

In this interview Donna shares some of the core foundations of Living in Flow and a practice to awaken your ease, creativity and magic.  What is Flow?  And how can connecting to Flow deepen your connection to life, to your dreams and goals and to the soulmate within?

Magdalene Mysteries: Awakening the Power of your Feminine Soul


Claire Sierra, M.A.

Author, Art Therapist and True Purpose™ master coach

Claire Sierra, MA, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. In this conversation, she talks about the whitewashing and removal of the feminine divine in the Judeo-Christian story has had a devastating cultural impact. As we awaken the feminine, we recover from the ill effects of hyper-masculinity in our lives.  Mary Magdalene provides metaphors and messages that are relevant in re-balancing the masculine and feminine. Join Claire to hear how reclaiming Magdalene’s missing leadership empowers us to an embodied, radiant, soulful relationship with our bodies, sexuality, partnership, work and all life.

The Holy Elephant in the Living Room: The Diversity of Sexual Orientation


Tosha Silver


Tosha Silver, is the author of ‘Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead’ and ‘Change Me Prayers: the Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender.’ She teaches and writes about having a wild love affair with the Divine in contemporary daily life. She also used to be an astrologer who gave 30,000 readings so sometimes that emerges too, especially about gender. In this rollicking conversation, Tosha explores the importance of honoring true diversity. Part of the inner sacred Union is honoring the uniquely different ways we each were made. Many are born gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or just totally gender fluid.  And though tantra embodies the exquisite Union of the masculine and feminine within, it can sometimes get burdened with rigid, limiting ideas about both gender and sexuality. Underlying that can be subtle (or not so subtle) assumptions that all people are or should be straight.


Azar Baksh


Azar Baksh

Singer & Song Writer

The Music of Azar Baksh is a gift of Consciousness. Listening to and Feeling Azar’s Music in and as the Heart is listening to Truth, the Truth of Oneness, and might contribute a little indeed to Your ‘own’ Realization of Oneness. You are and were always already One. It’s not necessary to think. Feel, vibrate with the music, especially with the voice of Azar Baksh.  Listening to the music of Azar can be a profound opening to the truth of man and woman. As part of this bonus you will receive two albums: “Man & Woman” and “The Depth”.

Please note that much of Azar’s music can be downloaded for free from his website We are delighted to introduce you to his music here if you haven’t heard it, as it carries a strong transmission.


Fun Practices to Amp Up your Love Life


Shakti Malan, Your Host


Shakti Malan has been teaching conscious sexuality as well as practices to awaken the Soulmate Within across the world for many years. In these three short videos, Shakti demonstrates that truly falling in love with ourselves, finding our own sexiness and getting out of our own way in juicy, profound relationships is not only possible, but could also be great fun! The three videos show you how

  • to bring consciousness to the unconscious patterns in your relationships,
  • to integrate the polarities that keep our intimate lives trapped in black and white, on and off, good and bad experiences and
  • To begin to fall in love with yourself in a real, felt way.

To learn more about Shakti and her work: