Recommended Teachers/Masters

I’d like to list here some of the teachers who have had a profound impact on my life. I’ll start with the ones who currently are most significant to me and then move backward. I suggest you have a look at them. You’ll see that they all have resources – recordings and books – available on their websites.

Bernie Prior –

Aisha Salem –

Judith Blackstone –

Thomas Hubl –

Leslie Temple-Thurston –

Isaac Shapiro and Meike Schuett-

Dan Brule –

Rahasya Advait first initiated me into Tantra; however the basic premises of my work have since significantly changed –


Recommended Practitioners

South African practitioners

Tiffany Stone. Program Manager for all of Shakti Malan’s online programs and courses as well as her own private practice as a Relationship Coach & Facilitator. She works locally as well as Internationally via Skype.She offers structured coaching programs for couples, and which can be tailored for individuals wanting to explore their relationship to relationship or to support individuals with practical tools and insights to managing their relationships. /

Paul Abro. Totality Therapy practitioner trained by Shakti to guide women and men through healing of challenging areas of their sexuality and awakening to the profound gifts of evolutionary sexuality.

Rhianne van der Linde. Using a combination of breath-work, body de-armouring, dreaming, masculine/feminine dialogue as tools to support our conscious evolution. 0836791297. Skype: rhianne_vdl

Natasha Troussouva. Deeper lover and intimacy guiding ~ tantra, intuitive body work, de-armouring, trauma release, listening to the deep desires of the heart ~ sexual awakening for women man and couples.

Carey Yarrow. Sexual somatic healer, offering supportive counseling and bodywork to couples and individuals as they awaken to deeper embodied presence and consciousness of their creative sexual energy., Landline (021) 788 6613, Mobile : 079 618 7856

Juliet Haines. Juliet is a trained facilitator in “Sexual Awakening for Women”. She has supported women across the world in discovering their feminine sexual essence over the past four years. She offers a one-on-one 8 session program, a 8 week group workshop program and a 4 day retreat. She holds sessions via Skype internationally and group workshops and retreats in South Africa and America. . 082 404 6922.

Denise Jones. Specialized coaching for women who want to reclaim their sexuality, rediscover the sacred feminine and embark on a journey of self-discovery Skype: demjones1


UK Practitioners

Uta Demontis. Taoist practitioner and sex coach assisting men, women and couples who desire to overcome sexual concerns, enhance their sex life or resolve difficulties in their relationship

Dakini Kimaya. Transformational Therapy, Group work and Tantra in North London for men, women and couples.

Dakini Kalyani. Totality Therapy facilitator.

Beverley Drumm. Trained in Sexual Awakening for Women and inner masculine-feminine dialogue work.


USA practitioners

Robyn Thoren Smith. Helping talented men, women, and couples feel more connected, satisfied, and free in their relationships and sex lives.

Marianna Seger. Coach trained in Totality Therapy

Claire Rumore. Sex coach trained in Totality Therapy.

Zoe Sipe. Psychotherapist trained in Sexual Awakening for Women and specializing in sexuality.

Adele Gruber. Invitation to soul-wise conversation on the sacred and secrets of psyche, sex and suffering. Online or in-person sessions in Silicon Valley.


Recommended Reading

Blackstone, Judith. 2012. Belonging Here. A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person Boulder, Colorado: Sounds True.

Chia, Mantak and Chia, Maneewan. 2000. The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. How couples can dramatically enhance their pleasure, intimacy and health. New York: Harper Collins

Deida, David. 2005. Dear Lover. A woman’s guide to men, sex, and love’s deepest bliss. Boulder, Colorado: Sounds True

Long, Barry. 1995. To Woman in Love. A Book of Letters. London: Barry Long Books

Long, Barry. 2006. Making Love. Sexual Love the Divine Way.  London: Barry Long Books

Lozowick, Lee and Feurestein, Georg. 1995. The Alchemy of Love and Sex.

Odier, Daniel. 2001. Desire. The Tantric Path to Awakening. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions.

Osho. 1994. The Tantra Experience. Talks on the Royal Song of Saraha. Osho Media International ISBN: 978-81-7261-077-7

Richardson, Diana. 2004 Tantric Orgasm for Women, Rochester, VT/US: Inner Bear Traditions ISBN 13: 9780892811335

Temple-Thurston, Leslie. 2003. The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World. Sante Fe: CoreLight Publishing.

Wilberg, Acharya Peter. 2009. Tantric Wisdom for Today’s World. North Charleston SC/US: Createspace