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Tired of getting stuck in the same-old patterns in relationship – with your current lover, a past lover, no lover, your parents, your children, your colleagues, your friends?

In this quantum age, it is possible to transform every aspect of our realities, including our relationships. But there are some ground rules:

  • Understand that what you see in the other is a mirror of yourself. Learn how to see and work with the mirror.

  • Your primary relationship is between your inner and masculine and feminine – as mirrored by the men and women in your life. The quality of your inner relationship life will show in your outer relationships.

  • There are many unconscious characters living inside you – both masculine (e.g. your inner CEO who wants to control everything) and feminine (e.g. your inner Princess who is oh-so-special and misunderstood). Unless you get to know them, they will pop up in your relationship life at the most inconvenient times.

  •  The masculine and feminine inside us exist on conscious, unconsious and super-conscious levels. If we look at only one level and ignore the others, we simplify the reality of being human. Getting to know ourselves on all these levels gives us the fluidity to adapt to whole new landscapes of possibility as they begin to reveal themselves inside us. And they will. Here’s why:

  • Like attracts like. If you clean up your inner relationship life, your outer will follow suit. Instead of wading through the clutter of past experiences, you’ll find yourself more able and ready to imagine and create new relationship realities that express your deepest authenticity.


I invite you to 90 minutes of exploration as I unpack these 5 ground rules with you.The call is free and open to all, regardless of gender, age or relational preference.

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