Interactive Call with Your Hosts Shakti Malan & Keriesa Botha
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Do you hate that time of the month? Do you ignore the messages of your pre-menstrual and menstrual phase and continue giving and doing – suppressing the pain, the irritability the exhaustion?

Did you know that your cycle is a gateway to profound inner guidance about you life, your emotions, your needs and your deeper knowing?

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PS: Joining the inherent wisdom of our cycle is not a private matter, it holds a key to  the future of our planet.  We have forgotten the deep cyclical nature of our planet, the deep feminine spirit of our mother earth because we have lost touch with the beauty of our own cyclical nature. Let’s rediscover together.



to engage with your cycle as your inner guidance


the ways of knowing activated by your cycle: intuition, inspiration and imagination


access to your cyclical ways of being: being reflective, being receptive and being magnetic


a powerful body meditation to reunite you with the wisdom of your sexual cycles