9-month Personal Intensive and 12-month Advanced Facilitators Training starting 9 February 2017


Experience living every day as the Awake Feminine whose sexuality is natural and wild,
unfettered by the past, and an expression of deep love and creative abundance.

099-Shakti-Malan-2350Imagine living every day from inside the juicy, fluid ecstasy of your womanly sexual body. Imagine creating a world of Sisterhood, where women come together to support each other in awakening the fire of our love-infused sexuality. Imagine unleashing that power into the world. Imagine the world we could create.

The time has come for us to live this dream. Patriarchy is over. We can put down the battle armor, let go our drive to perform, and surrender the outdated masculine model of sexuality that has created our world. We can come home to our womanly bodies. We can come to rest in the essence of the Feminine that we are. She whispers the most tender love through our limbs. She caresses our throats with the finest song. She calls us to come home, home to the warm embrace of our essential nature, inside our awakened sexual bodies as women.

shutterstock_127977914The journey home is going to take some time. I invite you to dedicate nine months to gestate this child of our feminine sexual essence. This time will ask of you the attention, the care, and the love that it takes to birth a new creation into the world. In this period, we will tend the subtlest awakenings in our sexual bodies. We will hone our capacity to do sexual shadow work and to heal our personal and collective sexual wounds. We will let go of sex that no longer serves us. We will open and soften and learn how to direct the fire of our sexual essence as it runs up through our bodies.

For centuries, sages and mystics have been studying what happens when sexual energy wakes up as a spiritual force in us. They have called this awakened sexual energy Kundalini Shakti. The ancient teachings of how this awakening happens have been kept secret for centuries.

The time has come for women across the world – from the inner cities of London and New York to the outback of aboriginal Australia – to awaken to the light of our spiritual-sexual essence. It is through this light, this power, that we can birth a new world. This is our potential as women. For too long we have been scared of the power of our sexuality, or used it to manipulate, control and hide. It is time to let that electric fire, the fire of Essence, run through us and birth the world of our heart’s deepest yearning.

And then, if you feel called, learn how to support other women with this awakening. Go share your love with the world – with confidence.

A Personal Message from Shakti About

Sexual Awakening of Women

Shakti Serves as Your Facilitator or Midwife on this Journey

As we step out of the binds of patriarchy, I see my role as the crone who gathers women and initiates us back into the ancient knowledge we have forgotten. There is a transmission that comes through my body, and which will support you in your journey. But more than anything, I see my gift to you as that of facilitator or spiritual midwife who will listen closely to the movements of your body, your heart and your awareness during this time, and guide you to your natural blossoming…

I imagine many circles of women across the world gathering.

I imagine your presence in the world contributing to the awakening of the Feminine everywhere on our planet.

During the nine months of the Personal Intensive, you will work through many of the practices in my book Sexual Awakening for Women, which is the culmination of years of work with women from across the world. By the end of the nine months, these practices and subtle, blissful ways of being in your sexual body will have become your natural state.

Women who opt for the 12-month Facilitator’s Training will learn how to facilitate this awakening for other women and thus support the awakening of the Feminine on the planet.


Shakti is Offering These Two Live
Online Programs for Women:

  • A 9-month Sexual Awakening for Women Personal Intensive, starting early 2017, OR
  • A 12-month Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator’s Training (which includes the Personal Intensive plus 3 additional months of facilitation training)


“Since discovering Shakti and completing her facilitator’s training in Sexual Awakening for Women, my life, love and relationships have been deeply enriched and enlivened.  It has not always been a light or easy journey – the process of opening into awareness and true feminine essence has involved periods of pain, change and difficult transition.  And yet, as I continue to grow and learn on this path, I am now a more whole, authentic, loving, radiant, empowered woman than I have ever been, and I see and feel this change in me touching and blessing all those I come into contact with – from my children, clients and friends, to my beautiful Beloved.”
“Shakti showed me what it means to give myself back to myself… again and again and again.  I feel that there is more of me in me and also more spaciousness for the mystery of life to live through me. Though my relinquishing  of control has been a challenge, I see more and more, that when I do I taste a freedom that is sublime and unlimited, I come home to myself, my heart opens more, I remember at the deepest level, who I really am.”
“Shakti is a unique teacher & therapist, deeply gifted & accomplished, an inspired and inspiring fellow human traveler. She embodies the flow, love & compassion of the deep feminine while being fully conscious & strong in her masculine. This is such a rare combination in our unbalanced world… She brings the change the new Earth needs. She will guide you, invite you in a space where you can trust & let go. She will hold you, she will challenge you, she will let you taste unconditional love. I am so grateful to her for my own blossoming into the fullness of who I can be. The journey is ongoing, her support is ever present. If like me you believe and feel there is more to your life than what surrounds you, and you are willing to step into the unknown, look no further, she is the one you’ve been looking for.”
“This is life changing work. If you want to know who you REALLY are on a deep heart level then this is for you. It was a beautiful journey of shedding old armour and layers to reveal exquisite vulnerability and tenderness in a safe and honoring atmosphere of wonderful women. I experienced profound transformation that shifted old patterns and ideas about who I thought I was, and it brought me to a deep presence and knowing about my true self and taught me how to operate from my heart more than my head. Shakti is an amazing facilitator and a shining inspiration full of love and empathy for the human condition, she planted some treasure in me that I will carry for life and I am so deeply grateful to her for that.”
“Working with Shakti Malan has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life – for me as a  woman. It radically facilitated my understanding of the experience of being  woman – Spark of the Divine having a human experience. In my case the Divine Intelligence chose to experience life as a  woman, ME. Once this is understood in the “body of love” – the body of woman, as a deeper feeling of Truth – then a whole new life experience begins, an Ecstatic One. Shakti’s gift to me has been priceless.”

Module 1: The Sexual Feminine: She is Wild, She is Free

Learn why our sexual energy feels trapped and how we can return to our wild, natural state.

In this module, you will:

  • Meet the unique qualities of Feminine sexual essence in her natural, free state and start to experience them in your life.
  • Get to understand the anatomy of the subtle sexual body – including Kundalini, chakras and krijas.
  • Discover how the flow of the subtle sexual body gets blocked through our subconscious patterning.
  • Begin to clear the blockages and open to the flow of awakened sexual energy.

Module 2: Lighting the Fire of your Sexual Essence

Module2-SexualAwakeningDiscover how to consciously activate your sexual energy as a woman by working with the dynamics of attraction and finely attuning to your body’s subtle responses.

In this module, you will:

  • Be guided to let go what is false in your desire body and to open to your true, authentic desire.
  • Experience and practice ways of activating awakened sexual energy in the body.
  • Explore the movement of subtle sexual energy in your yoni (vagina and uterus).
  • Learn how to relax, let go, and let life move through you.

Module 3: Riding the Tiger

Module3-SexualAwakeningOnce activated, our sexual energy is like a wild tiger. Learn how to direct the power of your sexual energy to catalyze the awakening of your essence.

In this module, you will:

  • Get grounded in the qualities of love, receptivity and surrender that take us to our true, uncontrolled nature as the embodiment of the Feminine.
  • Be introduced to Skydancing – the movement of awakened sexual energy through women’s physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.
  • Receive training and initiation in the different pathways through which sexual energy moves as it awakens in the physical, spiritual and energetic bodies.

Module 4: Sex and Power

Module4-SexualAwakeningRelease the blockages and let the power of life run through your sexuality.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to work with anger, frustration and any other emotions that dam up the flow of your true power.
  • Get trained in attuning to the flow of sexual power that opens in your body when you awaken to the Feminine.
  • Discover how to bring your awakened power to relationships in a way that is free from manipulation, control and resistance to your own natural essence.

Module 5: Transforming Sexual Archetypes of the Feminine

Deeply explore and transform the sexual archetypes that have shaped women in the age of patriarchy.

In this module, you will:

  • Deeply explore the facets of patriarchy’s shadow archetypes – the Virgin, the Whore and the Women’s Union – in your life as a woman.
  • Get immersed in the practices held within the potential at the heart of each of these archetypes.
  • Find your own archetypal expression of the Feminine.

Module 6: Setting the World Alight with Your Sexual Power

Module6-SexualAwakeningLet your new sexual consciousness inspire a better world.

In this module, you will:

  • Experience that your awakened sexual energy is a universal force of creation.
  • Discover the pathways for attuning through your body to another, and to the world.
  • Explore what your sexual power wants to do in the world.

Module 7: Sex and Creativity

Discover how awakened sexuality opens the floodgates of your creativity in every area of your life.

In this module, you will:

  • Receive a meditation to let old forms in your sexuality and your life die and a dance to nourish the seed of the new.
  • Meditate on the source of creativity held within your yoni.
  • Create from your awakened sexual energy, using writing, movement, sound and visual arts.
  • Begin to create the life of your deepest knowing from deeply listening to your yoni and heart.

Module 8: Fire in the Heart

Open the flow between sex and love in your energetic, sexual and emotional experience.

In this module, you will:

  • Practice meditations and techniques to purify your heart and transform everything that moves through there.
  • Discover the spiritual power of your breasts and their connection to the heart.
  • Find an unobstructed flow between your awakened sexual energy and your awakened heart.

Module 9: Making Love to God

Discover how your sexual experience can be a total surrender to the Ultimate.

In this module, you will:

  • Get introduced to the experience of total surrender in lovemaking with yourself or with another.
  • Learn how to practice bhakti or devotion in your relationship with your partner and with the Divine in all of life.
  • Be guided to open the higher centers that facilitate the movement of your sexual energy into oneness with God.

18 Live 90-Minute Learning and Coaching Sessions (2 per month) led by Shakti Malan, Ph.D.

ICONS-Q&A-ShaktiMalanShakti will be teaching each of the 18 Course Sessions, taking you step-by-step through the nine modules that comprise the core content of this training. In these teaching sessions you will acquire the understanding and receive an initiation into the practices that will stabilize the presence of the awake Feminine in your sexuality and in your life. You will have the opportunity to ask Shakti questions during each session.

These live course sessions will be on Thursdays at 9 am Pacific Time / 5 pm London Time beginning on February 9th. (There will be the occasional call during this course period which will fall on a different day and these will be communicated) The recording of each session will be made available within 24 hours, so don’t worry if you miss a live session*. The dates for these calls are:

February 9 & 23
March 9 & 23 & 30
April 18
May 9 & 25
Jun 8 & 29
July 13 & 27
August 10 & 24
September 14 & 25
October 12
November 2


9 Facilitated Practice Calls – 1 Per Month (Facilitated by Senior Students)

Once a month, you will join in a call facilitated by senior students to share in the month’s practices and your experience of them, and to receive additional coaching.

Highly-Interactive Community Course Website and Secret Facebook Group

Engage online with other course participants in this private, supportive Sexual Awakening for Women Course Site and Facebook Group.

As you go through the course, you will be able to gather and connect with other participants online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

18 Practice Material Documents

ICONS-PDF-ShaktiMalanAfter each teaching session, you will receive a document outlining the practices and your assignments for the session.

9 Practice Videos: One for Each Module of the Course

ICONS-Video-ShaktiMalanThe practice videos provide an invaluable opportunity to see, feel and hear Shakti and students doing key practices introduced during the month.

Use of Interactive Conferencing System and Webcast


Sessions happen through Zoom, an easy-to-use video conferencing system, and MaestroConference, a highly interactive online audio conferencing system where participants dial in to a phone line. The training also offers the option of participating via a free online webcast system. We make it easy for you to connect to the sessions no matter where you live on the planet.

Audio and Video Recordings as well as PDF Transcripts of All Sessions

ICONS-Headphones-ShaktiMalanDownload the audio or video files as well as the PDF transcript of each teaching session after you’ve listened to it.  Listening to them again or referring to the print versions will accelerate the power of your transformation and learning, integrating it even more deeply.

Optional In-Person Retreat 


Shakti will be offering a 12-day live intensive in South Africa 7-19 November 2017 – an opportunity to further immerse yourself in the materials offered on this course, with the added bonus of live, direct contact with Shakti and senior students.



To augment the learning on this training, Shakti has arranged guest faculty teaching sessions for you with women who have been her teachers.

Judith Blackstone: Embodiment and Realization

JudithBlackstone-SexualAwakeningJudith developed the Realization Process – a method of realizing fundamental (non-dual) consciousness and has applied it to psychological, relational and physical healing. She has taught the Realization Process for over thirty years throughout the United States and Europe since 1987.

Judith is the author of several books including Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person; The Enlightenment Process and The Intimate Life.

Judith introduces her topic as follows:

“Embodiment and Realization”

For spiritual realization to be an actual transformation of being, rather than a change in beliefs, it requires a whole-body awakening of fundamental consciousness. The Realization Process consists of meditative attunement practices and subtle movement exercises. These exercises teach how to bring the stillness of fundamental consciousness into movement. They also open the body’s subtle energy channels, integrate the mind, breath and body, and develop essential qualities of being, such as love, awareness, power and sexuality. They develop fluidity, expressiveness, vitality and health.

Keriesa Botha: The Menstrual Cycle and Menopause

KeriesaBotha-SexualAwakeningKeriesa Botha has been one of Shakti’s mentors in the mysteries of the Feminine, and has many years of experience running workshops on the menstrual cycle and menopause. Keriesa has a post-graduate diploma in Psychophonetics Counselling and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Change Management. Keriesa will be offering two guest teaching sessions.

She introduces them here:

“Menstruation: The Wise Cycle of Woman”

Our deep feminine nature is cyclical and weaves us into the rhythmic fabric of the moon and seasons. In the same way that the seasons bring us different experiences of the earth and ourselves, so the different phases of our menstrual cycle gives us access to different aspects of consciousness and sexuality. In this talk I will focus on the different phases of the menstrual cycle and the gifts it brings – intuition, inspiration and imagination.

“Menopause: Time of Transition”

Menopause is a crucial to the woman’s process of consciously creating wisdom, authenticity and presence in the world. The crone state is not a given outcome of aging, it is created by consciously engaging with the psycho-spiritual tasks of menopause. In this talk I will look at how the pre-menstrual phase of our cycle is intimately linked to the transition of menopause and how, by engaging consciously with our pre-menstrual cycle, we can prepare for menopause and create a space for the arrival of deeper intuition.

Anaiya Sophia: Lilith & Eve – The Madonna Whore Complex

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, Divine Sexuality and the Awakening of the Sacred Body. Anaiya administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual tradition of Mary Magdalene. Her books include: Womb Wisdom (Inner Traditions, 2011) Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, 2013), The Rose Knight (Lulu, 2014) andDivine Relationship (Inner Traditions, 2016). In this interview, she shares her understanding of the Wisdom of the Blood Mysteries and the how to cultivate the ability to hold steady to The Great Mother. She speaks about the Importance of Releasing Your Blood Upon The Land and the Stability, Trust and Love This Brings.

She introduces her topic as follows:

“Lilith & Eve: The Madonna Whore Complex”

Another one of those must-have conversations… The importance of Acknowledging, Accepting and Allowing the grounded union of these two feminine qualities on behalf of the good health and happiness in both men and women. We invite you to joing Anaiya and Shakti for a live video conversation and enactment of these archetypes. Let’s all dress up/put on masks to explore the Lilith and Eve/ virgin-whore archetypes together!


Two Bonus Calls with Shakti for Couples

Shakti will offer two bonus sessions during the course for participants and their sexual partners. During the first call, Shakti will explain the work to your partners and give suggestions for how couples can use this training to deepen their relationship. She will also answer questions. In the second half of the course there will be a follow-up call for couples with further guidance and opportunities to ask Shakti questions. Women without a partner are welcome to listen in on the calls and learn from them.


Special Bonus: E-book Version of Shakti’s Book Sexual Awakening for Women:  A Tantric Workbook

This book is packed with guidance, 100 exercises and many stories from the lives of women and will form an invaluable resource to deepen and supplement your course learning.


The Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitators Training
is for women who:

  • Have a desire to make a difference in the world.
  • Know that touching even one other woman’s life can change the lives of many.
  • Feel that the awakening of the Feminine, in her full sexual radiance, will contribute to awakening embodied love on the planet.
  • Are currently in a service profession or intend to move into one, where this training can be an invaluable addition and expansion of your skill set. The training will be of particular interest to psychotherapists, somatic therapists, yoga and dance teachers, group-work facilitators, doulas and anyone working in the fields of consciousness and embodiment.
  • Any woman, regardless of your age, experience or background, is welcome on this training. All you need is a committed and wide open heart. Spirit will do the rest.

Adiving-shutterstock_162140699fter completion of the training, you might find yourself starting a women’s circle as an added expression to your life. You might bring your learning into your current profession – or you might feel a clear knowing that this is your life’s work and profession.

Over twelve months of close work with Shakti, you will get initiated into the art of the facilitator’s listening and response. You’ll acquire the skills to listen and attune to your own and the other’s sensation, heart and consciousness and to trust the responses that come from your deeply embodied presence with other women.

Learn how to support and guide women to deepen awareness into their inner body spaces, to work with the shadow materials that may come up, and to expand into the bliss that arises with deeper presence.

 The Facilitator’s Training is limited to just 28 women, which enhances the experience of the program by keeping the group small and intimate.

hands-shutterstock_166617839The Facilitation Training is Designed To:

  • EMPOWER those who desire to facilitate women’s sexual awakening with the unique facilitation skills required for this work.
  • TRANSFORM society through awakening the radiantly-alive heart and body of the Feminine.
  • UNITE women across the world into a powerful Sisterhood of self-recognition and mutual support.

Embody Awakening and Share Your Radiance

By committing to the facilitator’s training, you open yourself to extra support in coming to deeply embody this work. Receive the transmission of awakened Shakti or feminine sexual life force, and learn how to support other women in relaxing and opening to this realization. Become the womb space within which all women who are drawn to you find their own healing, empowerment and blossoming. Learn how to facilitate with clarity, effectiveness and precision. The facilitation training draws on the wisdom of somatic facilitation practices, shamanic group work, Tantra yoga and contemporary psychology.


Module 1 (Month 10): Create the Circle

During this module, Shakti will introduce the basic skills required to initiate a group.

This includes:

  • Getting clear on your vision and your role.
  • Getting the message out.
  • Creating the structure and framework to manifest your vision.
  • How to hold a talking circle.
  • Understanding and listening to the group soul – an introduction to shamanic principles for group facilitation.

Module 2 (Month 11): Deep Listening, Clear Speaking

Facilitating the Sexual Awakening for Women’s work requires unique skills in listening and speaking.

During this module, you will practice:

  • staying attuned to your own sensation, heart and awareness while being in a group
  • from your own core, attuning to the sensation, heart and awareness of the women in the group
  • responding to women and directing the gathering from this deep listening space
  • listening to your deepest knowing and speaking clearly from there

Module 3 (Month 12): Set the World on Fire

OnFire-SexualAwakeningThe awakening of women’s sexual essence creates space for sexual shadow material to come up. This material creates the material that fuels the fire of our true sexual nature.

As facilitator, you’ll learn:

  • How to be with women as their sexual shadow material comes up. This includes basic skills in creating the space for trauma to release from the body and guidance on holding the group space while an individual goes through a process.
  • How to guide and support the awakening of subtle sexual energy in women’s bodies and lives through your own embodiment, instruction, shared movement practice and touch.
  • How guide women in creating supporting, loving environments for themselves – and how to share their radiance with the world.

All of the items in the personal intensive, PLUS:

9 Monthly Meetings with Shakti (Months 1 to 9)

During the personal intensive (the first nine months of the training), women who sign up for the facilitator’s training will have an additional monthly call with Shakti.

During this call, Shakti will:

  • Deepen your grounding in the practices introduced during the month.
  • Respond to your questions about the practices and;
  • Guide you in how to facilitate women through these practices.

The dates for these calls are:

March 2 & 16
April 13
June 1
July 6
August 3 & 31
September 21
November 9

More Intimate and Direct Access to Shakti

Women who sign up for this 12-month training will have an opportunity to engage with the materials and with Shakti in a more direct, personal and intimate way.

6 Facilitation Training Teaching/Coaching Sessions


At the completion of the Personal Intensive, Facilitator Trainees will receive another three months of teaching from Shakti on facilitation skills with this material. During the three-month facilitator training (months 10 through 12), participants will have TWO 90-minute Teaching/Coaching sessions per month (six total). These will be on Zoom (video webcast).

The dates for these calls are:

November 16 & 30
December 7 & 21
January 11 & 25

One Personal 1-on-1 Coaching/Support Session with Shakti by Skype


Facilitation training students are entitled to one hour of Skype coaching with Shakti. You can request your hour at any time during the 12 months.

Two Post-Program Follow-up Group Calls with Shakti

ICONS-Phone-ShaktiMalanAfter the completion of the training, Shakti will offer two follow-up calls to support you in your learning and to answer your questions.

The Opportunity to Become a Certified Advanced Facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women

ICONS-Bonus-ShaktiMalanShakti offers two levels of certification associated with this training. Please note that this certification is not linked to academic accreditation. It is an expression of who you have become and what you are able to share from the depths of your being.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of facilitation-training completion when you have completed the twelve-month training and your assignments for all the modules. As part of completion, you will be required to present a project describing how you intend to share what you have discovered on this course with others.

Certified Advanced Facilitator

You will become a certified advanced facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women upon completion of an apprenticeship with Shakti. The apprenticeship requires the following:

  1. Completion of all assignments for the course modules (months 1 – 12)
  2. Active participation in group discussions on the website and/or in live sessions
  3. Attend the live Sexual Awakening for Women retreat with Shakti in South Africa 7-19 November 2017
  4. Facilitating an active group or individual practice using the Sexual Awakening for Women materials
  5. Completion of 5 to 15 supervision sessions with Shakti on Skype (In supervision sessions, it becomes clear to both student and teacher when more can be gained from the support of the teacher, and when supervision is complete)

* Note that the cost of retreat and supervision sessions are not included in the cost of the 12-month Facilitation Training. Supervision sessions are approximately $175 for an hour; prices vary by region.



ICONS-Bonus-ShaktiMalanWomen who register before January 31st 9am PST will receive a free 30-minute one-on-one session with me.



The Sexual Awakening for Women Personal Intensive and the Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator’s
Training both begin February 2017.


Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions, please email us at tiffany@shaktimalan.com and we’ll be glad to assist you.