An audio and video series in which Shakti provides step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Self-loving practices from the privacy of your own home.

Learning to truly love ourselves in our sexual bodies is an art that reconnects us to the ecstatic joy that is our birthright.

How many of us have come to relate to our sexual bodies only with an intimate partner? What have we ever learnt about self-loving beyond rushed masturbation?  We have grown up in a culture of deeply unconscious self-hatred where loving ourselves is a strange concept, and where the body – especially the sexual body – is despised as something inferior.CLThomas_160806_0070

Tantra is a practice that invites you, through experience, to a different realization:

  • Our sexual bodies are gateways to our divine essence
  • Sex is not just a genital affair but involves the entire body
  • Sex involves not just the biological body but also the subtle bodies – the finer, energetic dimensions of our being
  • Sexual self-loving can open us to the experience of unity consciousness
  • Tantric self-loving practices take us right into the heart of silence, to truly meet ourselves, and fall in love with ourselves like never before.

Tantric self-loving practices connect heart, body, sex and soul in a way that practically shows us how to truly LOVE ourselves, sexually purifies our sexual energy activates awakened life force (kundalini) in every cell and turns the entire body into a multi-orgasmic expression.

What You’ll Receive

10+ audio recordings

The audio recordings are for you to listen to as Shakti guides you step-by-step through the practices.

10+ video demonstrations

Shakti demonstrates each of the practices in real-life video format which shows the overview and the details of the practice while transmitting the underlying intention.

Access to exclusive website

You will receive exclusive access to our course website where you will find all the downloads and be able to post questions to Shakti.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier: You simply play the audio, and follow my voice as Shakti guides you through the partner meditations. They are structured to gradually take you deeper and deeper into true deliciousness. The video clips and the e-book give you all the additional support you need so you know exactly what you’re doing. Well… more precisely, what you’re undoing, and what certainties you are letting go of to open to the wild untamed landscape of your true nature in union with your beloved.

About Shakti Malan

Shakti Malan (Ph.D) is a teacher of Tantra, the art of Conscious Sexuality. Her main focus areas are awakening feminine sexual essence and awakening the Soulmate Within – or the return of union between the masculine and feminine inside us, and in our relationships. Shakti teaches worldwide through in-person retreats and online trainings. She has a passion for collective spiritual awakening, a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the sexual body.

Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and is South African born. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women is published in English, French and Polish.


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Ten Video Demonstrations

Ten Audio Recordings

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