Discover how to release your old sexual patterning, come home to your body of bliss and live your full power as embodiment of the Feminine.

It is time for the sexual essence of women to wake up on the planet
SHE is calling you. And you are feeling it.

Like so many women I have met across the world, you probably have a knowing that there is more to your sexuality as woman — so much more — than what you have accessed thus far.

You feel under your skin that there is so much bliss that wants to wake up in your body, so much love that wants to radiate from you.

You realize somewhere deep that sex is more than gratification of your need or someone else’s.

You know it is a powerful force of awakening. And you sense that there is something awesomely unique about feminine sexual essence.

However, the essence of female sexuality is not much understood in our world. We have forgotten how our sexuality expresses our spiritual essence as the Feminine.

As successful women in the world, we have become more focused on achieving — even in the bedroom — than on feeling. Many women are confused about what it even means to be a woman.

Underneath the confusion is a secret fear of the immense power you sense in your sexuality — and a frustration about how to access that power in a healthy way.

You may be feeling this conflict in you: on the one hand, sex can feel so awkward and exposing that we prefer not to bring too much awareness to it. And on the other hand, you yearn for the pulsating aliveness that perhaps you may have tasted in moments of exquisite lovemaking. You yearn to let your life be infused by that quality of bliss.

The good news is:
your confusion about your sexuality as a woman is not as personal to you as you think.

You have been raised with an outdated masculine model of sexuality that is focused on performance in bed.

Furthermore, our patriarchal heritage has left us with the virgin-whore split in our sexuality as women: you fear your potent passionate sexuality because you don’t want to be seen as a whore but you yearn to express the freedom that is your birthright as woman.

Or perhaps in rebellion, you wildly express your sexuality and find that you have somewhere lost touch with the sacred essence of who SHE really is in you — SHE, the sacred Feminine.

You compromise sexually and make do with what you know is not the real thing. You feel driven to have or give orgasms, and frankly, sex can be exhausting. You know that there is more to feel in our bodies, you know you are more – magnificently more than what you are currently accessing.

Our sexuality as women is asleep.

But SHE, the pure sexual Feminine, is waking up. She is ready to give birth, through you, to a new evolution of humanity.

You can be part of this awakening.

The way through our limited perception of feminine sexuality is to go within. The way of the Feminine is the way of feeling, from deep inside. From deep inside our bodies and our hearts, we start to feel again the sacred essence of the Feminine.

  • Imagine being deeply in touch with your body with every breath…
  • Imagine feeling an undulating aliveness through your body all through the day…
  • Imagine resting into your own sexuality with deep contentment while being radiantly open to the world around you…
  • Imagine being able to taste the nectar of life in your intimate relating…

These are states that this journey with me could open for you.

This work is a collective healing. And it is deeply personal as well. This experience will help you in letting go of that which no longer serves you sexually.

It initiates the opening of your true sexual flowering — your Beautiful Body of bliss.

Discovering this feminine sexual energy can set every moment of your day alight with bursting creative spark, inspiration and luscious enjoyment of life.

When a woman’s sexual energy flowers, she radiates an irresistible inner beauty which turns her into a profound muse and inspiration for her love partner.

Energetically, her sex center is the same as her creative center, and thus an opening in the flow of her sexuality can reveal a fountain of spontaneous creativity that can transform her world.

In the workplace, she radiates inner power coming from her heart’s knowing and her deep intuition. Reality begins to magically transform into higher possibility when we walk the walk of the Feminine instead of trying to be like men.

Opening the flow of our sexual essence is where it all begins…

I’d like to share my personal journey with you. . .

I grew up during Apartheid in South Africa with parents who were intellectuals who questioned the regime. In my twenties, I was driven by the desire to change the state of my country, and attempted to do so through working in the fields of poverty and environmental management.

By the time I was 28 I had a Ph.D. and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This, together with the end of a significant relationship, took me into into depression and deep questioning of everything in my life… my dark night of the soul. It was a breakdown that led me to beginner’s mind, into deep meditation and a committed desire for spiritual awakening. This came along with an arising desire to discover what the feminine was in me.

From this decision followed a decade of deep initiation into the feminine, the path of awakening and Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. The journey of exploration started through creative expression, dreamwork and sounding and spending hours finding feminine flow in my body while in deep meditation. At age 33, I went through a ceremony in the wilderness where I was given the name Shakti, which means Feminine Sexual Power or Energy. I was told that my name signified that my work in the world was about what it means to be a woman.

Since then, I have lived alone in the wilderness for 18 months, worked with profound teachers and awakened masters, and let my life unravel and open into a new place of deep inner knowing. Alongside my own inner work, I ran workshops for women and an environmental consultancy.

In the last decade, I have been guiding women across the world in awakening their feminine sexual essence. My book Sexual Awakening for Women was a culmination of a phase of that journey. I have come to see that the quest I had in my twenties to change the state of humanity required a true awakening of the masculine and the feminine on the planet — for us as women, an opening to a deeper level of the feminine, and a more profound opening to the masculine. This 7-module course is the result of my next-level realization about feminine sexuality.
— Shakti

My years as a professional woman in academic and corporate settings has given me a keen sense of the challenge women are facing today in getting in touch with their sexuality.

I feel so blessed to have been guided in this lifetime into an awakening of the feminine through my body — and even more blessed to have been able to support so many women in opening to this radiant bliss in their own lives.

Over the course of seven modules together, I will guide you through visualisations, subtle movement and breath, and other practices to drop deep into your sexual body and discover the sacred essence of the Feminine in you.

I take you through creative practices to remove some of the main blockages in women’s sexual flow that I have found in my years of working with women across the world.

In this course, you will…

  • Have an opportunity to clear some of the major blocks that dam up your sexual flow
  • Discover what Feminine sexual essence is, and start to live from it
  • Effortlessly enter into your sexual body as woman
  • Experience the radiant, juicy aliveness of your true sexuality
  • Learn how to find right relationship with men and the masculine in your sexuality
  • Open into the Beautiful Body of the pure Feminine
  • Turn your sexuality as woman into a blessing to yourself and all beings




You’ll experience what it is like to live from inside an awakened heart and a body open to full sexual flowering.

The profound Feminine in you will open to the deep Masculine, and learn to trust the transformation this attraction brings.

Join a movement of women who are ready to wake up, each moment, as the Beautiful Body of radiance, deep feeling and love. Receive the transmission of the Deep Feminine through my guidance and presence in your life over this time.

I have seen time and time again, when we as women come together and open to receive the transmission of the Feminine — how she starts to live through us, as radiant blissful aliveness.

I know with all my being how much the world needs this awakening at this time. And I am overjoyed for every woman who finds herself ready for this journey.

Join women from around the world for this 7-module journey into Feminine Sexual Essence


Session 1: The Dance of Divine Attraction

In this first session, you’ll learn what the true Feminine is, and how she is met by the true Masculine in ourselves and in men. The dance of divine attraction happens when we don’t just live out the old patterns of man and woman in our attraction, but relate from the essence of Masculine and Feminine.

You will discover:

  • The difference between masculine and man, feminine and woman
  • How and why women have lived their sexuality as an imitation of man’s sexuality
  • A practice that supports the healthy integration of the Masculine and Feminine in us


Session 2: Dropping Deep into the Body

I guide women into feeling and developing presence inside their bodies and into their yoni or vagina. Through breath, movement and awareness, we cultivate deep presence in the yoni and discover her as a flower that opens and closes. I introduce a meditation practice that we’ll be doing throughout the course.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Relax into your womanly body
  • Enter deeply into sensation throughout your entire body
  • Visualize and feel your vagina/yoni as a flower that opens and closes

Session 3: Sexuality and Belonging

Building off Session 2, we do a creative process in which women map the ancestral and other social contracts that have defined their sexuality. Through some deep clearing work, we get to remap our sexual landscape to reflect what is true for us now.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How ancestral and other cultural voices have shaped your perception of yourself as a sexual woman
  • Your capacity to choose what is true for you
  • A creative process to help you recreate the social landscape
    within which the flower of your sexuality will thrive

Session 4: Deepening into Sensation

In this session, I assist you in coming to trust your own body of sensation and the wisdom of your blazingly awake heart. You will be guided to move through places of numbness or resistance to full sensation in your body.

You will experience practices to assist you in:

  • Moving deeper into sensation so you can feel ALL of you as woman
  • Coming to trust your own body of sensation
  • Opening to the wisdom of your feeling heart


Session 5: Listening to Yoni to Tap Your Sexual Muse

Our sexual organs have secrets to tell us. In this session, I guide you in learning to listen to what your yoni is saying. You will get in touch with your vagina in a way you have never done before. You have a sexual muse and you’ll learn to listen to her.

You will discover:

  • That your yoni/vagina has a voice
  • How to listen to the wisdom of your yoni
  • How to let her sing and bring forth a new sexual energy and power in you

Session 6: Transforming the Virgin, Whore and Women’s Union

I explain the virgin/whore split in post-patriarchal women’s sexuality, and introduce the concept of the Women’s Union. You’ll get to identify your own patterns in relation to these three archetypes, and find ways to live the dream – the potential – of the shadow archetypes.shutterstock_104086748


In this session, you will discover:

  • The virgin/whore split in post-patriarchal women’s sexuality and how that lives in you
  • The women’s Union – that collective voice in us that is viciously critical of the feminine, and how this expresses through you
  • The dream – the potential – of the shadow archetypes, and how you can live them



Session 7: Awakening the Beautiful Body

When the feminine opens up fully to feel, she starts to feel all of life. Her love grows in magnitude, and it connects to the wisdom of her sexuality. She becomes the Beautiful Body – the body of life, feeling everything, beyond her personal self as well. This is an awakening to the pure Feminine.

In this final session, you will experience practices to:

  • Open your awareness of subtle body sensation
  • Experience the connection between sex and heart
  • Know yourself as profound love and beauty – the essence of the feminine


Luminaries speak about Shakti’s work…

marja west-photo“Shakti Malan is the real deal — a modern-day embodiment of the timeless Shakti-Shiva. Her teachings are NOT for the faint-hearted. You will be called out to excavate all the stuff you ignore and cling to, then face them one by one, lovingly. In doing so you will reveal that true lightness of Being.”
— Marja West, Founder of Waking Gods & Goddesses

Dan Brule pic“I was introduced to Tantra more than 35 years ago. Since that time I have breathed with hundreds of tantra students, teachers and practitioners in over 40 countries. And I can say without hesitation that Shakti Malan is the real thing. She is by far the clearest, brightest, and most powerful woman in the world of tantra today. If I could give one gift to every woman I know and love, it would be to spend a day with Shakti Malan.”
— Dan Brulé, Acclaimed Breathwork Master, Founder of BreathMastery

Leora Lightwoman pic“Shakti works in a gentle and yet clear way, touching into our truth and potential as women to shine as who we are. I love being with Shakti as her humility and wisdom simply express themselves in who she is. Her generosity in sharing love from the whole of her being, has touched my heart.”
— Leora Lightwoman, author of The Path of Blissful Sex


What students are saying…

I loved learning to drop into my body and become more in touch with the subtleties that I had never really noticed before. I also loved the interaction that took place on the calls and the website. A true sense of community and sisterhood grew as the weeks passed. It was often deeply reassuring to me to see that other women shared the same reactions and resistances to the work that I did.”

— Louise Rapley, Freelance Editor and Writer, South Africa


“As a full-time mother I felt I never had time for myself. And I have been realising that my spiritual journey means more to me than I ever thought. So over the last few years I have felt disconnected, lost my power, myself really. And there never was time for myself. For me really the biggest gift of this training was that I made time for myself, to do the practices, to join the calls. It really forced me to do that. And it helped me to realise that actually it is possible. Also the ongoing calls and practices every week I found gave me much more opportunity to integrate the experiences and teachings into my daily life. I often feel that when I do a weekend workshop, I connect deeply, I find myself, I feel God within. But then sooner or later after the workshop is finished it all goes back. This ongoing process really helped me to bring the practice in between my everyday duties, to make it part of my every day life.”

 Meera Metere, Event Organizer, United Kingdom


I somehow knew that I would undergo an exciting transformation when I enrolled on the course. I could feel a special energy from the initial introduction and that was enough to convince me. I wasn’t disappointed. Brilliant and highly recommended.”

 Debica Sarkar, Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom


Learning to listen to my yoni was a precious and transformational experience. Finding that I could tap into my inner knowing in this way, and receive the motherly wisdom, guidance and unconditional love of my inner feminine with such ease was a priceless gift.”

Kerry van der Riet, South Africa




7 Course Sessions Recorded by Shakti Malan, Ph.D.

Shakti will be teaching each of the 7 Course Sessions, taking you step-by-step  through one of the 7 Gateways of Feminine Sexual Essence. Through these course sessions you’ll come to discover the practices and tools that will help you to release your old patterns of sexuality and on open to the radiate divine Feminine that you are. These will be available to download in both audio as well as PDF written transcript giving you an opportunity to engage with the material fully for deeper learning and understanding.

7 Live Coaching Calls with Shakti and Facilitators

There will be a weekly live coaching call during which you can address your questions and receive support. Three of these calls will be taken by Shakti and four by experienced facilitators of Shakti’s work.

The dates of each of the calls are as follows:

  • Tuesday 25th October, 9am PT (Shakti)
  • Thursday 3rd November, 9am PT
  • Thursday 10th November, 9am PT
  • Thursday 17th November, 9am PT (Shakti)
  • Thursday 1st December, 9am PT
  • Thursday 8th December, 9am PT
  • Thursday 15th December, 9am PT (Shakti)



7 Exclusive Short Videos of Shakti Demonstrating the Practices and Meditations

ICON-Video2ShaktiVideoShakti has created 7 short 5-10 minute videos in which she guides you into the key practices of this course. These video clips give simple, clear guidelines and also carry a transmission of the energy of the Feminine that flows through women’s bodies. In watching the video’s, you will see how awakened feminine sexual energy moves through Shakti’s body — and how it touches the women who are practicing with her on the recording.

Access to our Custom-Designed Exclusive Online Community Site

ICON-wwwCommunityEngage online with other course participants in this private, supportive Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence Community Site.

As you go through the course, you will be able to gather and connect with other participants online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

ReadingCourse Materials and Exercises

ICON-PDFAs a part of each module’s curriculum, you’ll be given exercises and for contemplation and reflection as you navigate your journey through the course. You are invited to post your responses and share among the other women joining you on this journey on the course community website.

Exclusive Course Bonus Audio Workshops and Materials

ICON-BonusHeadphonesShakti has brought together a unique and powerful group of master teachers to supplement the core teaching sessions with additional material that will enhance your experience in the course and provide complimentary learnings to what Shakti is sharing. These bonus sessions and materials are listed here.


Bonus Audio Workshop #1 with B Prior

The Call to a Higher New Life: Great Sex, Great Love, Great Death


In this supplemental session, I explore with B his profound understanding of what is possible for man and woman in sexual relationship – and what it takes. This is also an opportunity to get a transmission of the deep Feminine from a realized Tantric master.

In this recorded session with awakened master Bernie Prior, you’ll learn about:

  • The divine nature of the Masculine and Feminine Principles
  • The higher potential of their union within intimacy
  • How sex, love, truth, death and evolution reveal their mysteries in us

B Prior is a Master and Evolutionary Visionary who speaks from a pure and fully opened heart, whilst powerfully engaging students in the discovery of One’s True Self. Through his embodiment of Realized Consciousness and this realization of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, B brings an integral Evolutionary context to the experience of all human life. He teaches across the globe to participants from all walks of life.


Bonus Audio Workshop #2 with Aisha Salem

Accessing Your Deepest Resources and Truth as an Awakening Woman

Aisha Salem picAisha is a woman who lives the realization of the awakened Feminine. This special audio workshop is an opportunity for us to explore with her what it takes to fully and passionately live the path of Truth and Love as awakening women.

In this supplemental course session, Aisha will share with us:

  • Where to turn our attention to deepen in love and access our True resources
  • How to resolve aspects of our lives where we are only partially giving ourselves to love
  • What it means to realize your essence as Love
  • How to embody this essence in a True perspective

Aisha Salem became God-realised herself in her mid twenties. Now in her mid thirties, Aisha is a single mother who teaches and travels the world, giving talks and receiving people for healing in the transmission of pure Love – initiations into pure Life, awakening of the Heart. She meets people in the nakedness of pure Spirit as and in the Void itself… out of sheer joy and in agreement to let play the game of God.


Bonus Audio Workshop #3 with Meike Schuett

Tasting the Sensations of NOW as the Beloved

MeikeAwakening to the Feminine requires the capacity to gently but directly inquire into our subconscious patterns as women, and to open to the sweet sensory beauty of this moment. In this audio workshop, Meike will guide us into these possibilities.

In this special course session, Meike will share with you:

  • How to taste the nectar of existence, as you have never tasted it before… Just NOW!
  • How to gently inquire into subconscious patterning that keeps us from being fully present in the moment
  • How to be in relationship as a meeting in truth

Meike Schuett is a self-realized woman. She recognized the truth of being in 1998 when she entered the room where Isaac Shapiro was offering Satsang. Since then her life has been a celebration of the love affair with now. Originally from Germany, she now lives in Byron Bay, Australia when not traveling the world with Isaac, offering Meetings in Truth.


Shakti’s E-Book: The Secret Gateways of Sexual Energy


Shakti has made available, in one compact e-book, the wisdom of many traditions that have studied the flow of sexual energy through our bodies. The basic principle of all these flows is that sexual energy wants to move through our bodies in stead of being compacted in our sex centers and lost through unconscious orgasm.

In this e-book, Shakti will guide you:

  • To understand the sexual anatomy of our subtle bodies
  • To discover five unique pathways through which subtle bliss energy flows in the body
  • To open these flows with exercises that enliven and awaken your subtle body

Exclusive 24-Hour Bonus – Private Session With Shakti

Want a 20-minute personal coaching call with Shakti – for free? Then sign up before 21 September 12 noon PST. In sessions, Shakti listens to you deeply and reflects back insights that come through the listening. In effect, she is drawing on the wisdom of your own being which she may be able to see more clearly than you. Private sessions are valued at $175 per hour.

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For Women Only

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Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.



Do I need a partner to do this work?

No, this course is designed to be a personal journey, tapping into your own personal desires, blocks and personal feminine essence. For those who are in partnerships may find that this will bring a greater dimension to your relating and intimacy with one another. For those who do not have a current partner will find a great depth of relating to your own inner beloved as you step into who you truly are as SHE, the sacred feminine.

I’m a man – can I purchase this for my partner?

Yes, even though this course is only open to women participating, men are welcome to purchase this course as a precious gift for their beloved, to join and share together on your path of intimate relating of awakened sexuality.

What if I need more support, are you available for sessions?

I no longer provide individual sessions, however I will be making myself available for group coaching Q&A sessions exclusive to course participants to share your personal questions relating to the course materials. For additional in-person coaching support as you take this journey, I have a network of senior students who have done this journey and who offer professional support. You can view my resources page for my recommendations.

Is this course only for straight women?

No, this women is open to all women: gay, straight, bi-sexual or whichever way your sexuality flows. This course is designed to open you to your unique sexual feminine essence so that you can step into who you truly are with utter acceptance and fulfillment.

Is the course for women of a certain age?

No. Women of all ages have, and will benefit from it.

Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?

No. Because you are able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have access to the community website for one full year so that you can continue to interact and learn with other women even after you have completed your sessions.

What about confidentiality?

Your journey remains completely confidential. If you wish to share on the community website, there is a confidentiality agreement in place on the site.

Do I need good internet or internet skills to do this course?

Only for downloading and the live (optional) Q&A sessions. Because all of the materials are downloadable, you can always ask a friend to help you download everything from the internet.

Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

No. In fact, sometimes the less you know, the better it is – this opens you to beginner’s mind and to meeting the material in a fresh way.

What physical abilities to I need to have to do the course?

The practices are supremely gentle. No matter what your physical limitations are, they will help you to come deeper at home in your body, and even experience less pain and discomfort.



We know there will definitely be questions and challenges arising all along the way, so to get the most out of this course, you need not only training, but ongoing support and a deep connection with others on the same path. A powerful learning community for your growth.

When you register for the Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence Online Course you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant global learning community of individuals just like you who are seeking to connect with like-minded women. You’ll be engaging with the materials provided with Shakti, and also with your fellow students from around the world through a private community website created exclusively for the participants in this course.