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A Tantric Workbook that can easily be used by women either on their own or in a group.



Totality Therapy

Groups and sessions aimed at the deepening of intimate and sexual presence.


Women’s Awakening

Group work to initiate women into the mysteries of feminine sexual essence.



A free movement practice that supports embodied presence and true sexual aliveness.


  • “This is life changing work. If you want to know who you REALLY are on a deep heart level then this is for you. It was a beautiful journey of shedding old armour and layers to reveal exquisite vulnerability and tenderness in a safe and honoring atmosphere of wonderful women. I experienced profound transformation that shifted old patterns and ideas about who I thought I was, and it brought me to a deep presence and knowing about my true self and taught me how to operate from my heart more than my head. Shakti is an amazing facilitator and a shining inspiration full of love and empathy for the human condition, she planted some treasure in me that I will carry for life and I am so deeply grateful to her for that.”

    Sally, London fashion buyer turned African farmer and mom
  • “Shakti showed me what it means to give myself back to myself… again and again and again.  I feel that there is more of me in me and also more spaciousness for the mystery of life to live through me. Though my relinquishing  of control has been a challenge, I see more and more, that when I do I taste a freedom that is sublime and unlimited, I come home to myself, my heart opens more, I remember at the deepest level, who I really am.”

    Giulia L., Pharma Consultant, South Africa
  • “Working with Shakti Malan has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life – for me as a  woman. It radically facilitated my understanding of the experience of being  woman – Spark of the Divine having a human experience. In my case the Divine Intelligence chose to experience life as a  woman, ME. Once this is understood in the “body of love” – the body of woman, as a deeper feeling of Truth – then a whole new life experience begins, an Ecstatic One. Shakti’s gift to me has been priceless.”

    Valentina, Italian dance choreographer, show director and artist based in Cape Town
  • “Shakti taught me that, true Masculine strength also means the courage to surrender to love, to embrace, to tenderness, to the feminine, to the soft whispers of Mother Earth and all her wisdom and to relax into the heart.  That, the deepest and most loving relationship I will ever have is the one with myself….and once I have realize that, it is a Truth that is worn like a radiant silken mantle.. Only as I outgrow my fear can I handle a woman’s tremendous love-energy without running. And only such of me is worthy of my devotional offering in a committed intimacy….and with that I can be able to meet a Woman fully and complete.”


    Thabang Titotti, tour operator and Tantric practitioner, Cape Town
  • “In my perspective, you carry dear Shakti the Feminine divine Presence, I see you as the keeper of the ancient knowledge of sexuality coming from Isis……it is not because of your personal experience and learning, which helped you to remember,  it is because you embody that sacred wisdom.  I felt the coherence between your teachings and yourself, which is of primordial importance for me.  Your intuition is sharp, I love your outspokenness and your ability to transmit ‘thick’ subjects on an ironic way, I appreciate so much the way in which you are able to perceive the person behind her personality, the truth of what is hiding inside ( the unconscious ) behind the multiple masks of th ego.  In your techings I felt you Appropriate, Caring and Present as a whole.  You are transparent, simple and profound at the same time.  I felt your heart and your passion for Life with a big L during the first day of your workshop, and most of all I felt your JOY through your laugh…..the child joy inside talking to the child joy of every women around you…..”

    Chiara Vitali, healer, architect, mom, Paris
  • “Shakti is a unique teacher & therapist, deeply gifted & accomplished, an inspired and inspiring fellow human traveler. She embodies the flow, love & compassion of the deep feminine while being fully conscious & strong in her masculine. This is such a rare combination in our unbalanced world… She brings the change the new Earth needs. She will guide you, invite you in a space where you can trust & let go. She will hold you, she will challenge you, she will let you taste unconditional love.

    I am so grateful to her for my own blossoming into the fullness of who I can be. The journey is ongoing, her support is ever present. If like me you believe and feel there is more to your life than what surrounds you, and you are willing to step into the unknown, look no further, she is the one you’ve been looking for.”

    Kalyani – Dakini, teacher and intimacy confidante, England
  • “A pioneer in the field of Human consciousness and awakening – Shakti marries her deep knowledge of Anthropology and Human Sexuality towards insights and teachings into the human condition which are forward thinking innovative and inspiring.  There are few instances in life when a teacher of high integrity reliability and genuine concern for the advancement of Human evolution appears, and enables a path which becomes life altering and self-sustaining for so many.  Such has been my experience of Shakti Malan.”


    Paul Abro, dental specialist, Totality Therapy practitioner, musician and artist, Cape Town
  • “Shakti Malan is the real deal modern-day embodiment of the timeless Shakti-Shiva. Working with Shakti has profoundly deepened my relationship with the inner Beloved–allowing me to open wider and wider still–receiving and relaxing, whilst burning in the fires of Love, Truth, and Beauty. Her teachings are NOT for the faint-hearted. You will be called out to excavate all the stuff you ignore and cling to, then face them one by one, lovingly. In doing so you will reveal that effulgent lightness of Being.”

    Marja West, Founder of
  • “Shakti Malan is the embodiment of a great teacher and healer. She utilizes her powerful presence, wisdom, and physical self to enact that which the healee needs to encounter in order to meet and triumph through their conditioning, deprivation, and traumatic imprinting. She brings together in depth knowledge of trauma, the nervous system, somatic processes and a passionate commitment to the evolution of consciousness in her work. I was amazed with her tremendous range of being, from the most soft tender loving nurturer to the most fierce animalistic side. In all the years of my practice and trainings with great teachers in the trauma therapy and somatic psychology field I have not encounter the special qualities I witnessed with Shakti.”

    Serena, Trauma Psychologist, Canada
  • “Since discovering Shakti and completing her facilitator’s training in Sexual Awakening for Women, my life, love and relationships have been deeply enriched and enlivened.  It has not always been a light or easy journey – the process of opening into awareness and true feminine essence has involved periods of pain, change and difficult transition.  And yet, as I continue to grow and learn on this path, I am now a more whole, authentic, loving, radiant, empowered woman than I have ever been, and I see and feel this change in me touching and blessing all those I come into contact with – from my children, clients and friends, to my beautiful Beloved.”

    Beverley, Tantra teacher and Sexual Awakening for Women facilitator, England

Discovering a deeper meaning to the word Acceptance

I wake up this morning in the house of friends who gave me shelter after evacuating my home in the forest with massive fires raging all around. It’s dark outside – midwinter darkness at 5.30am – and a perfectly full moon is occupying in the sky, like one bright, all-seeing eye. I will remember this moon as the one who came to teach me the true meaning of Acceptance.


The relevance of Totality Therapy for different professions

My 21-month Totality Therapy Training has been created to be of relevance to a wide range of professions – in essence, any discipline or field of practice where the theme of human sexuality may come up. It is also a complete training in itself for those who wish to start a Totality Therapy practice. Just for fun, I thought I’d give you some ideas of where this work is applicable:


How a Protestant Virgin became a Tantric Guide

How a Protestant Virgin became a Tantric Guide   As a high school student, I was told after aptitude tests that the best career for me would be bureaucrat or office worker – “anything that feels safe and predictable”, the career guidance teacher said. Fast forward 30 years, and I’m a guide to many in…


What is Liquid Body Aliveness?

Most of us treat our bodies as functional objects moving around in space, and we only pay attention to them when they don’t do what we want them to do. What would it be like to live from inside the sensual aliveness of a body that is pulsing with the rhythm of the cosmos and moving in seamless oneness with life, like a river merging with the ocean? Rather than being the object of your life’s story – or the main character -. what would it be like to be the subject of your experience – the one who is moment to moment at play, from the inside of life, within this sensing-feeling-tasting-touching body of yours?